Spanish word for Wolf

The Spanish translation for the word “wolf” is “lobo”.

How to pronounce “lobo” in Spanish:

Sounds like – lo’-bo
Listen to the audio pronunciation –

Translation for wolf in Spanish

lobo = wolf in Spanish

Photo by dugspr / CC BY

Practice the Spanish translation for “wolf” using these sentences:

Example 1:

The wolf howled at the full moon

El lobo le aulló a la luna llena

Example 2:

Most people are afraid of wolves

La mayoria de la gente tiene miedo a los lobos

Example 3:

I love that picture of the white wolf

Me gusta esa foto del lobo blanco

Example 4:

The wolves chased the sheep across the field

Los lobos persiguieron a las ovejas por el campo.

Have you ever seen a wolf?

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