Spanish word for Witch

The Spanish translation for the word “witch” is “bruja”.

How to pronounce “bruja” in Spanish:

Sounds like – broo’-ha
Listen to the audio pronunciation –

Translation for witch in Spanish

bruja = witch in Spanish

Creative Commons License photo credit: OliverAlex

Practice the Spanish translation for “witch” using these sentences:

Example 1:
The witches always wear black.

Las brujas siempre se visten de negro.

Example 2:
Snow white’s step mother was a witch.

La madrastra de blancanieves era una bruja.

Example 3:
She went to see a witch doctor.

Ella fue e ver a un hecchicero.

Example 4:
I have to buy my witch costume for the hallowen party.

Tengo que comprar mi disfraz de bruja para la fiesta de hallowen.

Do you believe in witches?

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