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Spanish word for Who

The Spanish word for “who” is “quien” or “quienes”. In a question, the word is accentuated “¿quién?” or  “¿quiénes?”.

How to pronounce “quien” in Spanish:

Sounds like – ke-en
Listen to the audio pronunciation –

Translation for who in Spanish

quien = who in Spanish

Creative Commons License photo credit: gurdonark

Practice the Spanish translation for “who” using these sentences:

Example 1:
Who are you waiting for?

¿A quién esperas?

Example 2:
I want to know who painted this picture.

Quiero saber quien pintó este cuadro.

Example 3:
I need to know who are them.

Necesito saber quienes son.

Example 4:
Who is in charge of the restaurant?

¿Quién está a cargo del restaurante?

Who is your favorite writer?

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