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Spanish word for Welcome

The spanish word for welcome is bienvenido, or bienvenida (female).

How to pronounce bienvenido in Spanish:

Sounds like – be-en-vay-nee-do -or- be-en-vay-nee-dah
Listen to the audio pronunciation –

welcome in spanish

welcome in spanish

Practice the Spanish translation for “welcome” using these sentences:

Example 1 (singular, masculine):

The president is welcomed by the people

El presidente fue bienvenido por la gente

Example 2 (plural, masculine):

The players were welcomed to the stadium

Los jugadores fueron bienvenidos al estadio

Example 3 (singular, feminine):

Dianna is welcomed by the photographers

Dianna fue bienvenida por los fotógrafos

Example 4 (plural, feminine):

The woman are welcome anytime

Las mujeres son bienvenidas en cualquier momento

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