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Spanish word for Town

The Spanish word for “town” is “ciudad” or “pueblo”. The last one is used for smaller places. The word “ciudad” is used for town and city.

How to pronounce “pueblo” in Spanish:

Sounds like – poo-ay-blo
Listen to the audio pronunciation –

Translation for town in Spanish

pueblo = town in Spanish

Creative Commons License photo credit: laloking97

Practice the Spanish translation for “town” using these sentences:

Example 1:
Chicago is my home town.

Chicago es mi ciudad natal.

Example 2:
The gas station is three miles before the next town.

La estación de gasolina está tres millas antes del próximo pueblo.

Example 3:
She likes to go shopping downtown.

A ella le gusta ir de compras al centro de la ciudad.

Example 4:
That smell reminds me of the town I grew up.

Ese olor me recuerda a la ciudad donde crecí.

Example 5:
The circus goes from town to town.

El circo va de pueblo en pueblo.

What is the name of the town you live in?

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