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Spanish word for This

The Spanish word for “this” (singular) is “este/esta”. For the word “these” (plural) is “estos/estas”. For neutral the word is “esto”.

How to pronounce “este” in Spanish:

Sounds like – es-tay
Listen to the audio pronunciation –

Translation for this in Spanish

este = this in Spanish

Creative Commons License photo credit: *JRFoto*

Practice the Spanish translation for “this” using these sentences:

Example 1: (singular)
I want to buy a car like this one.

Quiero comprar un carro como este.

Example 2: (plural)
Are these your shoes?

¿Estos son tus zapatos?

Example 3: (neutral)
I didn’t want this to happen.

No quise que pasara esto.

Example 4:
This is my house and these are my pets.

Esta es mi casa y estas son mis mascotas.

Do you have trouble knowing if a noun is feminine or masculine?

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