Spanish word for Teacher

The Spanish word for “teacher” is “profesor/profesora”. Another word for teacher is “maestro/maestra”.

How to pronounce “profesor” in Spanish:

Sounds like – pro-fay-sor’ -or- pro-fay-sor’-rah
Listen to the audio pronunciation –

Translation for teacher in Spanish

profesora = teacher in Spanish

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Practice the Spanish translation for “teacher” using these sentences:

Example 1:
He is a good teacher.

Él es un buen profesor.

Example 2:
She is a good teacher.

Ella es una buena profesora.

Example 3:
I would like to become a Spanish teacher.

Me gustaría ser maestra de Español.

Example 4:
Today is Teacher’s Day.

Hoy es el Día del Maestro.

Do you know the translation for the verb “to teach”?

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