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Spanish word for Teach

The Spanish translation for the verb “teach” is “enseñar”.

How to pronounce “enseñar” in Spanish:

Sounds like – en-say-nyar’
Listen to the audio pronunciation –

Translation for teach in Spanish

enseñar = teach in Spanish

Creative Commons License photo credit: isafmedia

Practice the Spanish translation for “teach” using these sentences:

Example 1:
I want to teach Spanish to my friend.

Quiero enseñarle Español a mi amigo.

Example 2:
My mother taught me how to read.

Mi mamá me enseñó a leer.

Example 3:
I will teach my daughter how to ride a bike.

Le enseñaré a mi hija a andar en bicicleta.

Example 4: (as a noun)
He found that teaching was his true calling.

Descubrió que la enseñanza era su verdadera vocación.

Have we taught you any new Spanish words so far?

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