Spanish word for T-shirt

The Spanish word for “t-shirt” is “camiseta”.

How to pronounce “camiseta” in Spanish:

Sounds like – cah-me-say-tah
Listen to the audio pronunciation –

Translation for t-shirt in Spanish

camiseta = t-shirt in Spanish

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Practice the Spanish translation for “t-shirt” using these sentences:

Example 1:
My son likes to wear t-shirts all the time.

A mi hijo le gusta usar camisetas todo el tiempo.

Example 2:
Mom, can you wash my favorite t-shirt? Please!

Mamá ¿Puedes lavar mi camiseta favorita? ¡Por favor!

Example 3:
T-shirts are very comfortable clothing.

Las camisetas son prendas de vestir muy cómodas.

Example 4:
I wish I could wear shorts and a t-shirts every summer day.

Me gustaría poder usar pantaloncillos y camisetas todos los días de verano.

Do you like wearing t-shirts?

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