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Spanish word for Strong

The word “strong” has different meanings in Spanish. When referring to physical strength you say “fuerte”. For materials you use the word “resistente”, for economy you say “sólido” and for colors “intenso”.

How to pronounce “resistente” in Spanish:

Sounds like – ray-sis-ten-tay
Listen to the audio pronunciation –

Translation for strong in Spanish

fuerte = strong in Spanish

Creative Commons License photo credit: Mike_el Madrileño

Practice the Spanish translation for “strong” using these sentences:

Example 1:
My father was a very strong man.

Mi padre era un hombre muy fuerte.

Example 2:
Steel is a very strong material.

El acero es un material muy resistente.

Example 3:
Chile is a country with a strong economy.

Chile es un país con una economía sólida.

Example 4:
I prefer to buy clothes with strong colors.

Yo prefiero comprar ropa de colores intensos.

Do you know any other words used for “strong”?

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