Spanish word for Street

The Spanish translation for the word “Street” is “Calle”.

How to pronounce “calle” in Spanish:

Sounds like – cahl-lyay
Listen to the audio pronunciation –

Translation for street in Spanish

calle = street in Spanish

Creative Commons License photo credit: Nadia Szopinska

Practice the Spanish translation for “street” using these sentences:

Example 1:
Give me your hand while we cross the street.

Dame tu mano mientras cruzamos la calle.

Example 2:
Watch out! This is a two way street.

¡Cuidado! Esta calle es de doble sentido.

Example 3:
Write your address including the street name and zip code.

Escribe tu dirección incluyendo el nombre de la calle y el código postal.

Example 4:
I live just across the street.

Yo vivo justo al otro lado de la calle.

Do you know the Spanish name for “crossroads”?

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