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Spanish word for Spanish

The translation for the word “Spanish” is “Español”. This word applies, both for the language and for people from Spain. Another word used to refer to the Spanish language is “Castellano” (from Castilla).

How to pronounce “Español” in Spanish:

Sounds like – es-pah-nyole
Listen to the audio pronunciation –

Translation for Spanish in Spanish

Español = Spanish

Creative Commons License photo credit: allaboutgeorge

Practice the Spanish translation for “Spanish” using these sentences:

Example 1:
I like to learn Spanish in this website.

Me gusta aprender Español en este sitio de internet.

Me gusta aprender Castellano en este sitio de internet.

Example 2:
Paella and Spanish omelet are my favorite Spanish foods.

La paella y la tortilla española son mi comida favorita de España.

Example 3:
The Spanish conquered the Aztecs.

Los españoles conquistaron a los Aztecas.

Example 4:
His Spanish has a Spanish accent; he was born in Barcelona.

Su Castellano tiene acento Español; él nació en Barcelona.

Have you ever traveled to Spanish speaking countries?

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