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Spanish word for South

The Spanish translation for the word “south” is “sur”. When used in a compound word it becomes “sud”.

How to pronounce “sur” in Spanish:

Sounds like – soor
Listen to the audio pronunciation –

Translation for south in Spanish

sur = south in Spanish

Creative Commons License photo credit: ★lex

Practice the Spanish translation for “south” using these sentences:

Example 1:
The birds fly south during the winter.

Los pájaros vuelan al sur durante el invierno.

Example 2:
The Antarctic is located at the South Pole.

La Antártida está localizada en el Polo Sur.

Example 3:
Colombia, Argentina and Venezuela are in South America.

Colombia, Argentina y Venezuela están en Sudamérica. or

Colombia, Argentina y Venezuela están en América del Sur.

Example 4:
The compass is pointing to the southwest.

La brújula está apuntando hacia el sudoeste.

Do you know the Spanish word for the other cardinal points?

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