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Spanish word for Socks

The Spanish translation for the word “socks” is “calcetines”.

How to pronounce “calcetines” in Spanish:

Sounds like – cal-say-teen
Listen to the audio pronunciation –

Translation for socks in Spanish

calcetines = socks in Spanish

Creative Commons License photo credit: Chaquetadepollo.

Practice the Spanish translation for “socks” using these sentences:

Example 1:
I need to buy more socks.

Necesito comprar más calcetines.

Example 2:
I can’t find a blue sock.

No puedo encontrar un calcetín azul.

Example 3:
I forgot to pack a pair of clean socks!

¡Olvidé empacar un par de calcetines limpios!

Example 4:

Those socks don’t match with your shoes.

Esos calcetines no hacen juego con tus zapatos.

Do you know the Spanish word for “stockings”?

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