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Spanish word for Shocked

The Spanish translation for the word “shocked” is “sorprendido”.

How to pronounce “sorprendido” in Spanish:

Sounds like –
Listen to the audio pronunciation – 

Translation for shocked in Spanish

sorprendido = shocked in Spanish

Creative Commons License photo credit: zoetnet

Practice the Spanish translation for “shocked” using these sentences:

Example 1:

I was shocked when I saw him again

Me sorprendí cuando lo vi otra vez

Example 2:

She was shocked with her good grades

Ella estaba sorprendida con sus buenas calificaciones

Example 3:

His mother was shocked when he said he is getting married

Su madre se sorprendió  cuando él le dijo que se casaría

Example 4:

I was shocked when I heard the news

Estaba sorprendida cuando escuche las noticias.

Have you ever been so shocked that you were speechless?

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