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Spanish word for Ruler

The Spanish word for “ruler” is “regla”, when referring to the measuring instrument. The word “ruler” may also mean “gobernante” or “soberano”, when referring to a government leader.

How to pronounce “regla” in Spanish:

Sounds like – ray’-glah
Listen to the audio pronunciation –

Translation for ruler in Spanish

regla = ruler in Spanish

Creative Commons License photo credit: stevenharris

Practice the Spanish translation for “ruler” using these sentences:

Example 1:
I need a ruler to measure this.

Necesito una regla para medir esto.

Example 2:
Use a pencil and a ruler to draw a 2×2 inch square.

Usen un lápiz y una regla para dibujar un cuadrado de 2×2 pulgadas.

Example 3:
Who was the first ruler of the Roman Empire?

¿Quién fue el primer soberano del Imperio Romano?

Example 4: (as a verb)
He wants to rule the world.

Él quiere gobernar el mundo.

Do you know how to say “rules” in Spanish?

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