Spanish word for Queen

The Spanish translation for the English word “queen” is “reina” in Spanish!

How to pronounce “reina” in Spanish:

Sounds like – ray’-e-nah
Listen to the audio pronunciation –

Translation for queen in Spanish

reina = queen in Spanish

Creative Commons License photo credit: Rob the moment

Practice the Spanish translation for “queen” using these sentences:

Example # 1
Elizabeth is the Queen of England

Elizabeth es la Reina de Inglaterra

Example # 2
The queen of Spain is a beautiful lady

La reina de España es una hermosa dama

Example # 3
The queen will be here very son

La reina llegara aquí muy pronto

Example # 4
She is so pretty, looks like a queen

Ella es tan bonita, parece una reina

Can you name a country that is ruled by a queen?

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