Spanish word for Office

The Spanish translation for the word “office” is “oficina”.

How to pronounce “oficina” in Spanish:

Sounds like – o-fe-cee’-nah
Listen to the audio pronunciation –

Translation for office in Spanish

oficina = office in Spanish

Practice the Spanish translation for “office” using these sentences:

Example 1:
We are moving to a new office next weekend.

Nos vamos a mudar a una nueva oficina el próximo fin de semana.

Example 2:
My office is downtown.

Mi oficina es en el centro.

Example 3:
There is a new boss in our office

Hay un nuevo jefe en nuestra oficina

Example 4:
Do you like the view from your office?

Te gusta la vista desde tu oficina?

Do you like to work in an office or do you prefer to work from home?

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  • David Corcoran

    Prefiero tanto : I prefer both

  • sandrita

    I like to go to my office I dont like to stay all day at home
    Me gusta ir a mi oficina, no me gusta estar todo el dia en la casa

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