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Spanish word for Nurse

The Spanish word for “nurse” is “enfermera” , or “enfermero“, when referring to a male nurse. As a verb “to nurse” means “atender”.

How to pronounce “enfermera” in Spanish:

Sounds like – en-fer-may’-rah -or- en-fer-may’-ro
Listen to the audio pronunciation –

Translation for nurse in Spanish

enfermera = nurse in Spanish

Creative Commons License photo credit: Universidad de Navarra

Practice the Spanish translation for “nurse” using these sentences:

Example 1:

The nurse carried out the doctor’s orders.

La enfermera cumplió las ordenes del médico.

Example 2:

The hospital is full of nurses.

El hospital está lleno de enfermeras.

Example 3:

The kind woman nursed the wounded soldier back to health.

La mujer amable atendió al soldado herido hasta que recuperó su salud.

Example 4:

Many mothers live their lives to nurse their children.

Muchas madres viven para atender a sus hijos.

Do you know anybody who works as a nurse?

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