Spanish word for Nervous

by alecoronado10

The Spanish translation for the word “nervous” is “nervioso” (masculine), “nerviosa” (feminine).

How to pronounce “nervioso” in Spanish:

Sounds like – ner-ve-o’-so -or- ner-ve-o’-sah
Listen to the audio pronunciation –

Translation for nervous in Spanish

nervioso = nervous in Spanish

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Practice the Spanish translation for “nervous” using these sentences:

Example 1:
She is nervous about starting her new job

Ella está nerviosa de empezar su nuevo trabajo

Example 2:
He suffered a nervous breakdown

El sufrió un ataque de nervios

Example 3:
I am nervous about taking a driving test

Estoy nerviosa de tomar un examen de conducir

Example 4:
You should admit you are nervous

Deberías admitir que estas nervioso

Do final exams make you nervous?

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