Spanish word for Music

The Spanish word for “music” is “música”.

How to pronounce “música” in Spanish:

Sounds like – moo’-se-cah
Listen to the audio pronunciation –

Translation for music in Spanish

música = music in Spanish

Creative Commons License photo credit: Campanero Rumbero

Practice the Spanish translation for “music” using these sentences:

Example 1:

My daughter loves music

A mi hija le gusta la música

Example 2:

I enjoy listening to classical music

Disfruto escuchando música clásica

Example 3:

He studied three years at the music school

El estudio tres años en la escuela de música

Example 4:

They were listening to pop music all day

Ellos estuvieron escuchando música pop todo el día.

What kind of music do you like to listen to while driving?

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