Spanish word for Mother

by cecilia_guajardo on May 6, 2010

The Spanish word for “mother” is “madre”. In some countries a less formal way to call a mother is “mamá”, which is the translation for mom.

How to pronounce “madre” in Spanish:

Sounds like – mah-dray
Listen to the audio pronunciation –

Example 1:
She is the mother of the groom.

Ella es la madre del novio.

Example 2:
My mother and I are best friends.

Mi madre y yo somos las mejores amigas.

Example 3:
My mother is a great cook.

Mi mamá es una gran cocinera.

Example 4:
Mother’s day is celebrated in the month of May.

El día de las Madres se celebra en el mes de Mayo.

Do you know the Spanish word for “mother-in-law”?

  • sandiamar
    Anothe ways to say mom in Spanis are:

    Extraño mucho a mi mami
    I miss my mami a lot
  • sandiamar
    The translation for Mother in Law is : Suegra

    A Mi suegra le gusta tejer
    My Mother in Law likes to knit
  • zoraidamartinez
    Mi madre es muy cariñosa con sus nietos

    My mother is very loving whit her grandchildren
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