Spanish word for Me

by cecilia_guajardo on May 2, 2010

The Spanish word for the pronoun “Me” is “”. In some cases the translation is “yo” or “conmigo”.

How to pronounce “mí” in Spanish:

Sounds like – mee
Listen to the audio pronunciation –

Example 1:
- I like the color purple. – Me too!

- Me gusta el color morado. – ¡A mí también!

Example 2:
Can you bring an extra blanket for me?

¿Puedes traer una cobija adicional para mí? or

Can you bring me an extra blanket?

¿Me puedes traer una cobija adicional?

Example 3:
Come with me to the party.

Ven conmigo a la fiesta.

Example 4:
Open the door, it’s me!

Abre la puerta, ¡soy  yo!

Do you know the difference between the word “mi” and “mí”?

  • laurapaolaplazasariza
    Mi hermana y yo siempre hemos vivido juntas
    My sister and me have always lived together
  • David Corcoran
    tiene una química especial con su hermana
    you have a special chemistry with your sister
  • zoraidamartinez
    Quieres ir al Centro comercial conmigo?
  • sandiamar
    Do you want to go to the mall with me?
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