Spanish word for Math

The Spanish word for “math” is “matemáticas”. The short word is “mate”.

How to pronounce “matemáticas” in Spanish:

Translation for math in Spanish

matemáticas = math in Spanish

Sounds like – mah-tay-mah’-te-cas
Listen to the audio pronunciation –
Creative Commons License photo credit: M. Valdes

Practice the Spanish translation for “math” using these sentences:

Example 1:
My favorite class is Math.

Mi clase favorita es Matemáticas.

Example 2:
I have to do my math homework.

Debo hacer mi tarea de Mate.

Example 3:
I have to study for my Math exam.

Debo estudiar para mi examen de Mate.

Example 4: (expression)
My Math teacher is very smart.

Mi maestro de Matemáticas es muy inteligente.

Do you like Math?

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