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Spanish word for Man

The Spanish word for “man” is “hombre”. For the plural word “men”, the translation is “hombres”.

How to pronounce “hombre” in Spanish:

Sounds like – om’-bray
Listen to the audio pronunciation –

Translation for man in Spanish

hombre = man in Spanish

Creative Commons License photo credit: JorgeBrazil

Practice the Spanish translation for “man” using these sentences:

Example 1:
I like tall and strong men.

Me gustan los hombres altos y fuertes.

Example 2:
The man was standing right next to me.

El hombre estaba de pié justo a mi lado.

Example 3:
Men like to play basketball.

A los hombres les gusta jugar basquetbol.

Example 4:
When I grow up, I will become a man.

Cuando crezca, me convertiré en un hombre.

Do you know how the Spanish word for “woman” and “women”?

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