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Spanish word for Lettuce

The Spanish translation for the word “lettuce” is “lechuga”.

How to pronounce “lechuga” in Spanish:

Sounds like – lay-choo’-gah
Listen to the audio pronunciation –

Translation for lettuce in Spanish

lechuga = lettuce in Spanish

Practice the Spanish translation for “lettuce” using these sentences:

Example 1:
I buy organic lettuce.

Yo compro lechuga orgánica.

Example 2:
She doesn’t like salads, she hates lettuce.

A ella no le gustan las ensaladas, ella odia la lechuga.

Example 3:
I want lettuce and tomato on my burger.

Quiero lechuga y tomate en mi hamburguesa.

Example 4:
I need two heads of romain lettuce to make Caesar salad.

Necesito dos cabezas de lechuga romana para hacer ensalada César.

Which is your favorite type of salad?

Creative Commons License photo credit: timsackton

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