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Spanish word for Kids

The Spanish translation for the word “kids” is “muchachos”.

How to pronounce “muchachos” in Spanish:

Sounds like – moo-chah’-cho
Listen to the audio pronunciation –

Translation for kids in Spanish

muchachos = kids in Spanish

Creative Commons License photo credit: Mercedes.. Life as I Pictured

Practice the Spanish translation for “kids” using these sentences:

Example 1:
The kids are playing in the garden

Los muchachos estan jugando en el jardin

Example 2:
The birthday party is full of kids

El cumpleaños esta lleno de muchachos

Example 3:
A kid’s smile is a blessing

La sonrisa de un muchacho es una bendicion

Example 4:
Let’s save the poor and hungry kids

Salvemos a los muchachos pobres y hambrientos

¿Cuántos niños hay en su hogar?

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