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Spanish word for Jacket

The Spanish translation for the word “jacket” is “chaqueta”.

How to pronounce “chaqueta” in Spanish:

Sounds like – chah-kay-tah
Listen to the audio pronunciation –

Translation for jacket in Spanish

chaqueta = jacket in Spanish

Creative Commons License photo credit: Daquella manera

Practice the Spanish translation for “jacket” using these sentences:

Example 1:
It’s cold outside, don’t forget your jacket.

Hace frío afuera, no olvides tu chaqueta.

Example 2:
I lost my blue jacket, I need a new one.

Perdí mi chaqueta azul, necesito una nueva.

Example 3:
Please, pick up my jacket from the dry cleaner’s.

Por favor, recoge mi chaqueta de la tintorería.

Example 4:
If you’re going to Aspen, you should buy a ski jacket.

Si vas a ir a Aspen, debes comprar una chaqueta de esquiar.

In some countries, different words are used to say jacket. Do you know any other words in Spanish to say “jacket”?

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