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Spanish word for It

The Spanish translation for the pronoun “it” is “lo” or “la”. Sometimes it is implicit.

How to pronounce “it” in Spanish:

Sounds like – lyoo
Listen to the audio pronunciation –

Practice the Spanish translation for “it” using these sentences:

Example 1: (implicit)
Do you like pizza? No, I don’t like it.

¿Te gusta la pizza? No, no me gusta.

Example 2:
Please, bring it inside.

Por favor, tráelo adentro.

Example 3:
Do you really want to have it?

¿Realmente lo quieres tener?

Example 4:
The ball is not mine. Take it with you.

La pelota no es mía. Llévatela contigo.

Can you give another example for the word “it” in Spanish?

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