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Spanish word for Is

The Spanish translation for the verb “is” is “es” or “está”. This is the singular present form of the verb “to be”.

How to pronounce “es” in Spanish:

Sounds like –
Listen to the audio pronunciation –

Practice the Spanish translation for “is” using these sentences:

Example 1:
He is happy that you came to his party.

Él está feliz porque viniste a su fiesta.

Example 2:
I don’t know where my car is.

No sé dónde está mi auto.

Example 3:
The puppy is very small.

El cachorro es muy pequeño.

Example 4:
The house on Maple Street is on sale.

La casa en la calle Maple está en venta.

Do you know which Spanish words are used for the verb “are” (present plural form)?

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