Spanish word for I

The Spanish translation for the noun “I” is “Yo”. In some cases, when used as a pronoun the reference is implicit or you use the word “mí” to refer to yourself.

How to pronounce “yo” in Spanish:

Sounds like – yo
Listen to the audio pronunciation –

Practice the Spanish translation for “I” using these sentences:

Example 1:
My mother and I are very close.

Mi mamá y yo somos muy cercanas.

I am a very tall person.

Yo soy una persona muy alta.

Example 2:
I like chocolate ice cream.

A mí me gusta el helado de chocolate.

Example 3: (implicit)
I think we must go now.

Creo que debemos irnos ahora.

Example 4: (implicit)
Do I really have to visit your parents?

¿Realmente tengo que visitar a tus padres?

Do you know other Spanish words used to refer to yourself?

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