Spanish word for Home

by cecilia_guajardo on April 11, 2010

The Spanish translation for the word “home” is “hogar” or “casa”.

Example 1:
They keep their home very clean and organized.

Ellos mantienen su casa muy limpia y organizada.

Example 2:
I like homemade cookies.

Me gustan las galletas caseras.

Example 3:
She is a stay at home mother.

Ella se dedica a cuidar el hogar.

Example 4:
When I travel I miss my home and my family.

Cuando viajo extraño a mi hogar y mi familia.

Where is your hometown?

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  • David Corcoran
    For the sentence..."where is your home town", is it correct to say "¿dónde está tu ciudad natal"?

    mi ciudad natal es Toronto!
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