Spanish word for Help

The spanish translation for help is ayudar.

How to pronounce “ayudar” in Spanish:

Sounds like – ah-yoo-dar
Listen to the audio pronunciation –

Translation for help in Spanish

ayudar = help in Spanish

Creative Commons License photo credit: The U.S. Army

Practice the Spanish translation for “help” using these sentences:

Example 1:

This weekend I’m going to help my sister paint her house

Este fin de semana voy a ayudar a mi hermana a pintar su casa

Example 2:

Sandra is helping me to learn Spanish

Sandra me esta ayudando a aprender Espanol

Ejemplo 3:

I enjoy helping people

Yo disfruto ayudando a la gente

Ejemplo 4:

A glass of red wine helps me feel better after work

Una copa de vino rojo me ayuda a sentirme mejor después de trabajar

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