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Spanish word for German

The Spanish word for “German” is “Alemán”. This word applies, both for the language and for people from Germany.

How to pronounce “alemán” in Spanish:

Sounds like – ah-lay-mahn’
Listen to the audio pronunciation –

Translation for German in Spanish

alemán = german in Spanish

Creative Commons License photo credit: TheeErin

Practice the Spanish translation for “German” using these sentences:

Example 1:
What breed is your dog? German Shepherd.

¿De cuál raza es tu perro? Pastor Alemán.

Example 2:
I am going to Berlin this summer to practice my German.

Voy a ir a Berlín este verano para practicar mi Alemán.

Example 3:
She married a German. He is from Frankfurt.

Ella se casó con un Alemán. Él es de Frankfurt.

Example 4:
I want to take German lessons before my trip to Germany.

Quiero tomar clases de Alemán antes de mi viaje a Alemania.

Where are you from? Why are you interested in learning Spanish?

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