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I came across this free Spanish video diary from La Casa Rojas.  They’re offering this for free, and will be publishing 5 videos a week.  In the video’s they use many different examples, pictures & discuss Spanish words in great detail.

The Spanish video’s are being published from January to December 2010.  Every video is designed to expand on the previous video, with the intention to help you speak fluently by the end of the year.  You could start from the beginning or just jump in and start learning.

More about La Casa Rojas

Louis & Joan Rojas from La Casa Rojas, are delivering the daily video’s.  The website La Casa Rojas is an online magazine, which brings together perspectives from many different writers across Latin America.  Moreover, each article includes an audio podcast of the author reading their own writing, so you get to learn the very important pronunciation & accents.

Thanks to Louis & Joan for sharing their knowledge about learning Spanish.  This is truly a great resource!

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