Spanish word for Flirty

by alecoronado10

The Spanish translation for the word “flirty” is “coqueta”.

How to pronounce “coqueta” in Spanish:

Sounds like – co-kay’-tah
Listen to the audio pronunciation –

Translation for flirty in Spanish

coqueta = flirty in Spanish

Creative Commons License photo credit: emelec

Practice the Spanish translation for “flirty” using these sentences:

Example 1:
She is pretty and flirty

Ella es bonita y coqueta

Example 2:
Most of the women are flirty

La mayoria de las mujeres son coquetas.

Example 3:

Everybody say the secretary is flirty

Todos dicen que la secretaria es coqueta

Example 4:
Movie stars are flirty

Las estrellas de cine son coquetas.

¿Usted se considera ser coqueta?

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