Spanish word for Fish

The Spanish word for the noun “fish” is “pez”. As a verb, it means “pescar”.

How to pronounce “pez” in Spanish:

Sounds like – peth
Listen to the audio pronunciation –

Translation for fish in Spanish

pez = fish in Spanish

Creative Commons License photo credit: Michael Malz

Practice the Spanish translation for “fish” using these sentences:

Example 1: (as a noun)
The boy has lots of colorful fish in his tank.

El niño tiene muchos peces de colores en su pecera.

Example 2:  (culinary)
Will you order chicken or fish?

¿Vas a pedir pollo o pescado?

Example 3:
I want to have a fish tank.

Quiero tener una pecera.

Example 4: (as a verb)
My father likes to go fishing.

A mi papa le gusta ir a pescar.

Do you know the translation for the expression “big fish”?

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