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Spanish word for Down

The Spanish word for “down” is “abajo”.

How to pronounce “abajo” in Spanish:

Sounds like – ah-bah’-ho
Listen to the audio pronunciation –

Translation for down in Spanish

abajo = down in Spanish

Creative Commons License photo credit: lrargerich

Practice the Spanish translation for “down” using these sentences:

Example 1:
He lives downstairs.

Él vive en el piso de abajo.

Example 2:
Put this box down in the basement.

Pon esta caja abajo en el sótano.

Example 3:
Keep you voice down when you are at the library.

Mantengan su voz baja cuando estén en la biblioteca.

Example 4:
Help me take down the Christmas decorations.

Ayúdame a quitar las decoraciones de Navidad.

Since down is an adverb, there are different translations, according to the verb you use it with. What other meanings for the word “down” do you know?

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