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Spanish word for Cut

The Spanish translation for the verb “cut” is “cortar”. When referring to cutting with scissors, the word is “recortar”. As a noun, it means “cortada” or  “corte”.

How to pronounce “cortar” in Spanish:

Sounds like – cor-tar’
Listen to the audio pronunciation –

Translation for cut in Spanish

cortar = cut in Spanish

Creative Commons License photo credit: Masked Malayan

Practice the Spanish translation for “cut” using these sentences:

Example 1: (as a verb)
I’m going to cut my hair.

Me voy a cortar el cabello.

Example 2: (as a noun)
That’s a nice hair cut!

¡Es un lindo corte de cabello!

Example 3: (as a verb – to cut with scissors)
The teacher asked the kids to cut small circles.

La maestra le pidió a los niños recortar círculos pequeños.

Example 4:  (as a noun)
That is a nasty cut, you must disinfect it.

Es una fea cortada, debes desinfectarla.

Do you know the conjugation for the verb “to cut”?

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