Spanish word for Crab

The Spanish word for “crab” is “cangrejo”.

How to pronounce “cangrejo” in Spanish:

Sounds like – can-gray’-ho
Listen to the audio pronunciation –

Translation for crab in Spanish

cangrejo = crab in Spanish

Practice the Spanish translation for “crab” using these sentences:

Example 1:
I don’t like to eat crab.

No me gusta comer cangrejo.

Example 2:
There are five crabs in the fish tank.

Hay cinco cangrejos en la pecera.

Example 3:
We saw hermit crabs at the pet store.

Vimos cangrejos ermitaños en la tienda de mascotas.

Example 4:
He ordered a crab salad.

Él ordenó una ensalada de cangrejo.

Do you know other ways to say “crab” in Spanish?

Creative Commons License photo credit: Vvillamon

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