Spanish word for Closet

The Spanish word for “closet” is “armario”. The word “clóset” is also used in some countries.

How to pronounce “armario” in Spanish:

Sounds like – ar-mah-re-o
Listen to the audio pronunciation –

Translation for closet in Spanish

armario = closet in Spanish

Creative Commons License photo credit: Jeremy Burgin

Practice the Spanish translation for “closet” using these sentences:

Example 1:
I need to organize my closet.

Necesito organizar mi armario.

Example 2:
I need a bigger closet!

¡Necesito un clóset más grande!

Example 3:
I keep my clothes inside the closet.

Guardo mi ropa adentro del armario.

Example 4:
I keep the towels and bed sheets in the linen closet.

Guardo las toallas y sábanas en el clóset de blancos.

What else do you keep inside your closet, besides clothes?

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