Spanish word for Cheese

The Spanish translation for the word “cheese” is “queso”.

How to pronounce “queso” in Spanish:

Sounds like – kay’-so
Listen to the audio pronunciation –

Translation for cheese in Spanish

queso = cheese in Spanish

Photo by anneh632 / CC BY

Practice the Spanish translation for “cheese” using these sentences:

Example 1:
Cheese is a food that is derived from milk

Queso es un alimento que se deriva de la leche

Example 2:
Cheesecake is our favorite dessert

Pastel de queso es nuestro postre favorito

Example 3:
Sofia likes to eat cheese for a snack

Sofía le gusta comer queso de aperitivo

Example 4:
Cheese is like wine, the longer it ages the better it is

Queso es como el vino, entre mas viejo mejor

¿Cuál es su queso favorito?

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