Spanish word for Chair

The Spanish translation for the word “chair” is “silla”.

How to pronounce “silla” in Spanish:

Sounds like – seel’-lyah
Listen to the audio pronunciation –

Translation for chair in Spanish

silla = chair in Spanish

Creative Commons License photo credit: visualpanic

Practice the Spanish translation for “chair” using these sentences:

Example 1:
We need more chairs for the classroom

Necesitamos más sillas para el aula

Example 2:
That chair is broken

Esa silla está rota

Example 3:
I like the brown chair

Me gusta la silla marrón

Example 4:
He painted the chairs in white

El pinto las sillas en blanco.

¿Tienes una silla favorita?

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  • grace

    muy pero que muy bien, that was a great mini-lesson, but … just one problem, una cosita es

    “él pintó las sillas en blanco..”

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