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Spanish word for Carrot

The Spanish word for “carrot” is “zanahoria”.

How to pronounce “zanahoria” in Spanish:

Sounds like – than-nah-o’-re-ah
Listen to the audio pronunciation –

Spanish translation for carrot

zanahoria = carrot in Spanish

Practice the Spanish translation for “carrot” using these sentences:

Example 1:
Carrot sticks are a healthy snack.

Las tiritas de zanahoria son una botana saludable.

Example 2:
I need to buy carrots and potatoes for the beef stew.

Necesito comprar zanahorias y papas para el estofado de carne.

Example 3:
The baby likes carrot puree.

Al bebé le gusta la papilla de zanahoria.

Example 4:
Rabbits eat carrots.

Los conejos comen zanahorias.

Do you like carrots?

Creative Commons License photo credit: Christopher Neugebauer

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