Spanish word for Butterfly

The Spanish translation for the word “butterfly” is “mariposa”.

How to pronounce “mariposa” in Spanish:

Sounds like – mah-re-po’-sah
Listen to the audio pronunciation –

Translation for butterfly in Spanish

mariposa = butterfly in Spanish

Photo by Randy Son Of Robert / CC BY

Practice the Spanish translation for “butterfly” using these sentences:

Example 1:
We went to a butterfly observatory

Fuimos a un observatorio de mariposas

Example 2:
They estimate there is 28000 different types of butterflies

Ellos estiman que hay 28.000 tipos diferentes de mariposas

Example 3:
A butterfly evolves from a caterpillar

Una mariposa se ​​desarrolla a partir de una oruga

Example 4:
The highest concentration of butterfly species reside in Peru & South America

La mayor concentración de especies de mariposas reside en Perú y América del Sur

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