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Spanish word for Brown

The Spanish translation for the color “brown” is “marrón”. In some countries it is also called “café”, this word also means “coffee”.

How to pronounce “marrón” in Spanish:

Sounds like – mar-rone
Listen to the audio pronunciation –

Translation for brown in Spanish

marrón = brown in Spanish

Creative Commons License photo credit: seelensturm

Practice the Spanish translation for “brown” using these sentences:

Example 1:
The farmer had a brown horse.

El granjero tenía un caballo marrón.

El granjero tenía un caballo café.

Example 2:
He likes women with brown hair.

A él le gustan las mujeres con cabello marrón.

A él le gustan las mujeres con cabello café.

Example 3:
She has very expressive brown eyes.

Ella tiene ojos cafés muy expresivos.

Ella tiene ojos color marrón muy expresivos.

Example 4:
I like to drink my coffee with milk and sugar.

Me gusta tomar café con leche y azúcar.

What Spanish word for “brown” have you heard?

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