Spanish word for Broccoli

by cecilia_guajardo

The Spanish word for “broccoli” is “brócoli”.

How to pronounce “brócoli” in Spanish:

Sounds like -
Listen to the audio pronunciation –

brócoli = broccoli in Spanish

Practice the Spanish translation for “broccoli” using these sentences:

Example 1:
My kids like steamed broccoli with cheddar cheese.

A mis niños les gusta el brócoli cocido con queso cheddar.

Example 2:
The soup of the day is cream of broccoli.

La sopa del día es crema de brócoli.

Example 3:
I can’t get my kids to eat broccoli.

No puedo lograr que mis hijos coman brócoli.

Example 4:
Broccoli is my favorite vegetable.

El brócoli es mi verdura favorita.

Which is your favorite vegetable?

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  • Sandra

    My favorite vegetable is carrot.Mi vegetal favorito es zanahoria

  • David Corcoran

    my favorite vegetable is spinachmi vegetal favorito es espinaca

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