Spanish word for Birthday

The Spanish translation for the word “birthday” is “cumpleaños”.

How to pronounce “cumpleaños” in Spanish:

Sounds like – coom-play-ah’-ny-os
Listen to the audio pronunciation –

Translation for birthday in Spanish

cumpleaños = birthday in Spanish

Creative Commons License photo credit: Angelo González

Practice the Spanish translation for “birthday” using these sentences:

Example 1:
He is going to a birthday party

El está yendo a una fiesta de cumpleaños

Example 2:
There is a birthday party across the street

Hay una fiesta de cumpleaños cruzando la calle

Example 3:
Her baby’s first birthday is tomorrow

El primer cumpleaños de su bebe es mañana

Example 4:
I want lots of presents for my birthday

Yo quiero muchos regalos en mi cumpleaños.

When is your birthday?

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