Spanish word for Banana

The Spanish word for “banana” is “plátano”.

How to pronounce “plátano” in Spanish:

Sounds like – plah’-tah-no
Listen to the audio pronunciation –

Translation for banana in Spanish

plátano = banana in Spanish

Practice the Spanish translation for “banana” using these sentences:

Example 1:
I don’t like banana.

No me gusta el plátano.

Example 2:
The girls like to have banana with their morning cereal.

A las niñas les gusta ponerle plátano a su cereal de la mañana.

Example 3:
My grandmother baked banana bread this morning.

Mi abuela horneó pan de plátano esta mañana.

Example 4:
Monkeys like to eat bananas.

A los monos les gusta comer plátanos.

Do you know other Spanish words used for “banana”?

Creative Commons License photo credit: J. Picard

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