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Spanish word for April

The Spanish translation for the word “April” is “Abril”.

How to pronounce “abril” in Spanish:

Sounds like – ah-breel
Listen to the audio pronunciation –

Translation for april in Spanish

abril = april in Spanish

Creative Commons License photo credit: gustaffo89

Practice the Spanish translation for “april” using these sentences:

Example 1:
The fourth month of the year is April.

Abril es el cuarto mes del año.

Example 2:
April is my favorite month of the year.

Abril es mi mes favorito del año.

Example 3:
My father’s birthday is April 9th.

El cumpleaños de mi papá es el 9 de Abril.

Example 4:
My flight is scheduled for Sunday April 18th, 2010.

Mi vuelo está programado para el Domingo 18 de Abril de 2010.

Do you know the names of the other months of the year in Spanish?

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